Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum capacity of the Banquet Hall?  

We have three beautiful rooms. Our Imperial Room accommodates a maximum of 300 people, our Golden Cream Room accommodates a maximum of 130 people, and our Chapel Room accommodates a maximum of 80 people.

2. Do you have handicap access?

Yes. All of our rooms are wheelchair accessible.

3. Do you have air conditioning indoors and can you host an outdoor event?

We do have indoor air conditioning in all of our rooms at our venue, however we do not have an outdoor space to host outdoor events. If you would like us to decorate an outdoor/off-premise event, we do offer those services.

4. Is there a room available for the bride to change?

Yes. We have two bridal suites; one per floor.

5. Do you allow on-premise ceremonies?

Yes we do host on premise ceremonies. Please view our wedding ceremonies portion of our Gallery page.

6. Where can I view pictures of the facility as it would be set up for an event?

Photos can be found on the Gallery page of this website. Please note that every event is unique in its own way. Photos on this website are photos of events we have decorated, however that is not to say you can or cannot replicate an event. Everything depends on the package that you choose and your vision for your event.

7. What food selections do you offer?

We specialize in Southern and West Indian cuisine. Our full menu can be viewed here. If there are items that you would like that are not specified on our menu, inquire. Our caters can work with you for most items.

8. How many hours am I allowed for my event?

Everything depends on the package you choose. While majority of our packages allow 8 hours of event time, with 2 hours of set-up and 1 hour of clean-up time factored in, we do have other packages with lesser time blocks. Please review the website to see the details of our packages, or inquire within with one of our Banquet Coordinators.

9. How much of a deposit is required and when is the balance due?

In order to book a date a non-refundable down payment of $300 is required. Once you have booked, we give you a payment arrangement and your balance is due two weeks prior to your event.

10. Is there a cake cutting fee?

No there is not.

11. Is there a clean-up fee?

Not for general cleaning. However, cleaning services does charge for excessive debris and confetti left on tables and floors.

12. Do you offer a DJ, photographer, videographer in your packages?

We have packages that offer our spectacular house DJs. However, because of the customization involved with photographs and videos, we do not photographers or videographers in our Packages.  We do recommend some phenomenal ones for you that will help to point you in the right direction.  We also allow you to bring in your own outside vendors.

13. Are there restrictions to decorating the hall?

We do not allow stapling, taping, or tacking anything to the walls, floors, or ceilings. We require all tables to be covered with, at minimum, a plastic tablecloth.

14. Do you have a wedding or event coordinator?

Yes, we do.

15. Do you have travel/direction cards?

We do have print outs of directions. To print out directions, please click here.

16. Do you have packages or special prices with any nearby hotels?

Unfortunately, we do not have contracts with any of the nearby hotels. But we can provide you with a list of nearby hotels.  For the list of nearby hotels, please click here.

17. Does my DJ need to provide insurance?

Yes, the DJ must provide their liability insurance two weeks before the event. This must be handed in before setting up the equipment.